3M tapes for retro-fitting of display cases


Clear tape 3M Type 850

Archival quality tape, tested for use inside museum display cases

To improve air-tightness of museum showcases. Gaps between glass panes can be covered nearly invisibly. Minimizing air exchange by improved seals reduces infiltration of pollutans and allows longer service intervals for passive humidity buffering. 3M type 850 doesn't outgass substances which might be harmful to museum objects*.

*Reference: Hatchfield, Pamela: Pollutants in the Museum Environment, Archetype Publications, London 2005, p. 164

Backing: polyester
Adhesive: acrylic
Tensile Strength: 491 N/100mm
Elongation at Break 120%
Adhesion to Steel 33 N/100mm
Colour: transparent
Length / Roll: 66 lin.m
Width: 12 mm or 25 mm

Clear Tape 3M Type 850, 1 roll, length: 66 lin.m, width: 12 mm
25,- €
Clear Tape 3M Type 850, 1 roll, length: 66 lin.m, width: 25 mm
43,- €


nach obenaluminium sealing tape 3M Type 425

aluminium sealing tape 3M Type 425, 25 mm wide x 55 m long x 0.12 mm thick. Oddy-tested by the British Museum and considered suitable for permanent use inside museum showcases.
The tape also serves as an excellent barrier against moisture.

Backing: soft aluminium foil backing
Adhesive: acrylic, transparent
Thickness 0,12 mm
Colour: reflecting silver
Length / roll: 55 lin.m

aluminium sealing tape 3M Typ 425, 1 roll, length: 55 lin.m, width: 25 mm
34,- €
aluminium sealing tape 3M Typ 425, 1 roll, length: 55 lin.m, width: 50 mm
65,- €


nach obenDouble coated tape 3M Type 415

Double coated, clear tape. Oddy-tested for permanent use within museum showcases

Backing: polyester
Adhesive: acrylic
Thickness: 0,1 mm
Protective cover: paper, siliconized
Adhesion to steel*: 27 N / 100 mm
Temperature resistance: +65°C (short term: +85°C)
Colour: clear
Length / Roll: 33 lin.m
Double coated tape 3M Type 415, width 6 mm, length 33 lin.m
12,- €
Double coated tape 3M Type 415, width 12 mm, length 33 lin.m 20,- €
Double coated tape 3M Type 415, width 25 mm, length 33 lin.m 25,- €


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