Corrosion Intercept®

Corrosion Intercept is a PE-film with embedded highly reactive copper particles. All kinds of gases witch can corrode copper are absorbed by the film. Metals, wrapped in Corrosion Intercept, will perfectly protected from these kinds of gases. The film is translucent so the content of the bags remains easy to identify.

CI is available as:

The use of Corrosion Intercept® protects from three kinds of corrosion:

  • "atmospheric" corrosion (corrosive gases)
  • "galvanic" corrosion (electromechanically processes of two different metals)
  • "biological" corrosion (dust and fungi)

It protects:

  • metals: copper, silver, brass, iron and nonferrous metals
  • CD's
  • photos and films
  • textiles (e.g. with silver threads...)
  • paintings (protection of pigments and silver leaf from hydrogen sulphide)


Corrosion Intercept consists of high surface area copper particles embedded in a polymer matrix.

Corrosive atmospheric gases are neutralized. It is statistically impossible for the gases to migrate through the film without reacting with one of the active corrosion sites. These gases are being permanently bound to the copper particles, the content is protected from corrosion.

The material is not harmful to health and is not affected by humidity or variation of temperature.

Intercept has an integrated saturation indicator. If the colour of the film is changing to grey the Intercept film has to be changed. The corrosion protection lasts about 10 years per 25 µ film thickness.

The material is environmentally safe and recyclable.

Principle of Corrosion Intercept, shown with Stretch Film

Advantages of Corrosion Intercept:


These coins were stored for ten years in a usual album in a sulphurous athmosphere.   The same coins stored in an album that was laid out with Intercept - the coins don't show any trace of corrosion.

Further information:

nach obenCorrosion Intercept® bags

With or without clip, various sizes, for storage of coins, medals silverware and jewellery.
Since Corrosion Intercept® Film is half transparent you can identify the content without opening the bag.

200 x 250 mm, both sides Corrosion Intercept, without clip ONLY SMALL AMOUNTS LEFT
10 bags: 20,- € 50 bags: 95,- € 100 bags: 170,- €       order
200 x 250 mm, both sides Corrosion Intercept, with clip Not available
10 bags: 22,- € 50 bags: 100,- € 100 bags: 170,- €       order
250 x 300 mm, both sides Corrosion Intercept, without clip ONLY SMALL AMOUNTS LEFT
10 bags: 24,- € 50 bags: 105,- € 100 bags: 180,- €       order
250 x 390 mm, both sides Corrosion Intercept, without clip Not available
10 bags: 30,- 50 bags: 130,- 100 bags: 230,-           order
510 x 600 mm, both sides Corrosion Intercept, without clip. Not available
10 bags: 40,- € 50 bags:

180,- €

100 bags: 330,- €       order

Other sizes of bags can be custom made. For large objects we recommend the beautiful "Intercept-Protector"-Pouches which simultaneously offer mechanical protection.

Corrosion Intercept® CD-sleeves

Size: 14, 2 x 12, 7 cm, one clear side, one side Corrosion Intercept, upper side folded back
100 bags: 56,- € 500 bags: 250,- € 1000 bags: 480,- € 2500 bags: 1160,- €   5000 bags: 2260,- € order

Corrosion Intercept® Film

For protective packing of larger objects. Corrosion Intercept Film can be sealed with any table top or hand held impulse sealer,
so each object can be packed individually. Since the film is translucent the content and the accession number still can be identified. We also custom make bags according to your needs.

Width: 150 cm, thickness: 100
5 lin.m: 36,75 €  10 lin.m: 67,50 25 lin.m: 153,75 100 lin.m: 515,00 order

nach obenCorrosion Intercept® Foam

With the help of CORROSION-INTERCEPT ® filter pads, corrosive gases inside a display case or storage cabinet can be passively reduced as well neutralised in their damaging effects on the object.  

With this method it is irrelevant whether the corrosive gases derive from the environment, e.g. the packaging, or the object material itself. The protective impact is not influenced by relative humidity. It is continuously active through the full spectrum of climate parameters.

These filters considerably reduce contaminants attacking metals like sulphur dioxide, H2S and other pollutants. They will absorb dust, pollutants and others harmful substances.

Foam filters 330 x 1005 mm, 10 mm thick
1 unit: 66,- 5 units: 300,- € 25 units: 1410,- €   order
Foam filters 1650 x 1005 mm, 10 mm thick
1 unit: 250,- € 5 units: 1100,- € 25 units: 5100,- €   order

Terms of sales and delivery

Products on stock are usually sent out within one week. Nevertheless, please order as early as possible. Transport is normally by FedEx Economy (±2-3 days within Europe), carriage is charged according to weight, dimensions and number of parcels.
All prices are exclusive VAT. Payments can be made within 30 days by bank transfer, within 14 days with 3% discount. All prices are subject to change without prior notice according to our terms and conditions. Check our website for actual information.

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