Humidifier Brune B 500 Professional

To stabilize indoor climate in museums, industry and office

The B500 Professional mobile humidifier has been designed for silent operation in an environmentally friendly manner. The evaporation technique is the most suitable method for humidification in museums and prevents from calcium deposits or water condensation.

The electronically controlled hygrostat keeps the humidity at the required level. The unit operates on normal or purified tap water. The B500 is normally filled by hand, but it also can be connected to an automatic water supply and/or overflow. In addition to humidification, the B500 also filters and purifies the air of dust and prevents static discharges.

Its neutral, timeless design ensures it can be integrated into any surroundings. The housing is made of durable, anti-static plastic, resistant to acids and alkalines, absolutely corrosion-proof and dimensionally stable. For cleaning, the unit can be dissassembled without any tools.

Special emphasis was put on safety features. A screen guard protects all moving parts such as the blower wheel and pump vanes. A baffle system in the water tank prevents spillage when moving the unit. The humidifier is turned off automatically once the water has been used up.

Through the easy-to-use remote control only authorized staff can change the settings. The remote radio hygrostat can easily be attached to the wall or ceiling and ensures safe and regular control of the humidifier from a distance of up to 30 m.
CE approved.

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Brune B 500 Professional




The Brune B 500 Professional will be delivered ready to plug in and run without any installation work. The water container (capacity about 50 l) has separating walls and a slosh baffle in order to avoid splashing when it is moved. During automatic operation the speed of the fan is regulated according to the environmental requirement. As optional extras available (among others): automatic water supply connection, UV water treatment and lime scale conversion. By using a multi-layer filter filled with active charcoal in granular form filter dust and odours can be filtered out of the air (optional extra). The unit is designed for tap water with at least 300 µS.

  • For rooms up to 1000 m³ (420 m²)
  • Electronic control via humidity sensor
  • Display of water level (water level electrodes)
  • 4-speed fan with automatic function
  • self-diagnosis-system
  • Recyclable BIO filter
  • Clear control panel with digital display of actual and required relative humidity levels
  • Electronic control via remote control
  • Corrosion-proof plastic housing available in 3 colours: ivory, grey, charcoal-grey
Humidification capacity : 2,5 l/h (at 25°C and 20% RH)
Air flow: 800 m³/h
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Power settings: 4
Power consumption: ca. 125 W
Evaporation filter surface: 3,5 m²
Tank capacity: ca. 50 l
Noise level during operation: 32 - 44 dBA (depending on the blower level)
Dimensions: 75,5 x 62 x 36,5 cm (W x H x D)
Weight (empty): 24 kg

Optional extras:

  • Automatic water supply connection via magnetic valve (no more filling by hand)
  • Automatic rinsing device (manually or automatically incl. timer), to minimize deposits of lime scale and dirt. Water supply and waste pipe necessary on installation location.
  • Downpipe hose for rinsing device
  • UV-sterilisation (the UV-C mercury lamp kills germs and bacteria). The lime conversion cartridge changes the molecular structure in a way it no longer forms deposits on the surface in the humidifier
  • Activated carbon filter set (= 2 pcs.) for air purification
  • Air scoop for connection to an air pipe

Safety accessories:

  • Safety water monitor (stops the humidifier on any uncontrolled escape of water)
  • External water guard with magnetic valve
  • Safety pressure hose (1,5 m)
  • Safety water tray (collects any excess water in case of leakage. Water monitor and external guard could be placed inside the tray)
Brune B 500 Professional in white, grey or black  - delivery only within EC- and some other countries!
2.950,00 €
Automatic water supply via magnetic valve
210,00 €
Rinsing device (manually or automatically with timer)
228,50 €
Downpipe hose for rinsing device
20,00 €
UV-sterilisation and lime conversion cartridge
347,00 €
Activated carbon filter set (= 2 pcs.) to be used along with the humidification filters (Bio-filter or Foam-filter) For installing the filter you will need special clamp brackets with 4 hooks
72,00 €
Clamp brackets with 4 hooks for installation of activatd charcoal filters
22,50 €
Air scoop - to lead the humdified air into a 150 mm aluminium duct.
160,00 €
Safety accessories:
Safety water monitor
98,00 €
External water guard with valve
295,00 €
Safety pressure hose (1,5 m)
103,00 €
Safety water tray
155,00 €
Spare parts:  
BIO-Filter (2 pcs.), standard equipment
69,80 €
Foam filter (1 pc.), flocked
47,50 €

Terms of sales and delivery

Products on stock are usually sent out within one week. Nevertheless, please order as early as possible. Transport is normally by FedEx Economy (±2-3 days within Europe), carriage is charged according to weight, dimensions and number of parcels.
All prices are exclusive VAT. Payments can be made within 30 days by bank transfer, within 14 days with 3% discount. All prices are subject to change without prior notice according to our terms and conditions. Check our website for actual information.

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