Tube sealers

Tube Sealer hpl 450 TSM



Semi-automatic impulse sealer with high welding capacity and optimum welding safety for the professional universal close of tubes

  • No heat-up time thanks to impulse procedure and use of double sided heating wire
  • Seals every kind of thermoplastic tubes
  • Height adjustable stand for different heights of tubes
  • Continuously adjustable automatic sealing time
  • Constant sealing pressure
Technical data  
Seal seam length: 450 mm
Seal seam width: 4 mm
Film thickness: 2 x 0,4 mm
Guide metal plate for tubes: V2A
Mains connection: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
optional: 115 V, 50/60 Hz
Power: 680 VA
Dimensions: 530 x 300 x 220 mm (w x d x h)
Stand: cromium plated
vertically adjustable
150 mm
Tube storeroom: for 6 tubes, Ø 35 mm
Magazine guide: V2A
65 x 880 mm
Dimensions: 880 x 410 x 745 mm
Weight: approx. 40 kg
Tray for 4 tubes storerooms: 505 x 258 x 32 mm
Tube Sealer hpl 450 TSM incl. guide metal plate for the tubes, height adjustable stand, tube storeroom for 6 tubes and magazine guide
3.170,- €
Tray for 4 tubes storerooms
price upon request


Tube Sealer Fermant 40 NC 2M-T


Fermant 40 NC 2M-T with stand

The Fermant 40 NC 2M-T serves to seal thermoplastic tubes. The impulse time and contact pressure are digitally adjustable and can be adapted to the thickness of the type of tubes used in each case.
Before sealing the tubes are passed through form bars. Two lifting magnets provide the required contact pressure und guarantee reliable sealing of the tubes.

Technical data  
Sealing length: 400 mm
Sealing width: 4 mm
Feed opening: 12 mm
Max. sealing output: to be determined by sealing trials
Operation: via foot control
Impulse time: digitally selectable
Cooling time: digitally selectable
Degree of protection: IP20
Connected voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Fuse protection: 16 A, slow-blow
Dimensions: 700 x 260 x 330 mm
Weight: 40 kg

Preshaping the tubes

Tubes after the sealing process


  • foot control operated
  • for test and/or small-series production
  • also available in stainless and acid-resistant steel
  • constant contact pressure
  • continuos adjustment of the sealing process
  • usable for the most diverse types of tubes
  • can be easily adjusted to the most diverse tube length
Tube sealer Fermant 40 NC 2M-T
price upon request
Tube magazines (necessary)
price upon request
Height-adjustable stand
price upon request

Terms of sales and delivery

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