Clips up to 100 cm

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Additional treatment with ATCO FTM2000 is a will-proven add-on during nitrogen gassing. After reaching a oxygen level of aprox. 1 - 2%, the absorbers help to to reduce it <0,1% and to keep it on that level (as far as the dosage is high enough).

The clips allow to lock in absorbers or technical devices into the gassing tent. As soon as an edge of the tent is separated with a clip, this edge can be opened and after filling can be sealed again. When opening the clips after resealing, the content slides into the tent. As far as it is important to avoid also very low oxygen amounts which may get into the tent after opening the cliped edge, it is possible to evacuate the clip separated edge before resealing e.g. by filling some extra absorbers and opening the clip again soonest after 48h.

Clips with 100cm length; aluminum profile 20mm with high pressure hose inlay
Operation mode
Before flushing the tent, absorbers and dessicant bags should be separated as shown in the picture. As soon as the residual oxygen level is reached, the clip can be opend - the absorbers will keep the residual oxygen level < 0,1%.
Clip 100 cm
32,00 €
different lengths on request

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