Calibration bags for oxygen meters

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Accuracy of oxygen meters is crucial for any anoxic treatment. Our calibration bag allows their accuracy to be checked easily. The 43 x 28 cm pouches consist of transparent Escal and aluminum barrier foil. Each bag contains 1-2 l of air, 5 Ageless eye oxygen indicators and 10 sachets of ATCO FTM 1000S oxygen scavengers. Oxygen level inside the pouches will be < 0.1% after 24 h and the oxygen indicators will turn pink. After a few days the oxygen concentration should be very close to 0%.
Now oxygen meters like the GMH 3691 can be checked in a simple way:


Removal of single indicators

The calibration bag can also be used to remove single Ageless Eye indicators. Move an Ageless Eye to a corner of the bag. Separate this corner from the rest of the bag by sealing. Cut the corner off the bag and take out the Ageless Eye. The others indicators will not get into contact with oxygen.

Test of Oxygen meter GMH 3692-GOG-L
Display shows 0,1% residual oxygen.

Calibration bag with ATCO and Ageless Eyes. The scavengers are heavily overdosed for extra safety.

Calibration bag ESCAL / aluminum barrier film 43 x 28 cm, incl. 10 ATCO FTM 1000 S and 5 Ageless Eye
26,00 €
other bags upon request

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