Residual oxygen meter GMH 3692 GOG-L - for low oxygen concentrations

The hand-held measuring instrument GMH 3692 GOG-L detects reliably the residual oxygen concentration. It consists of the air oxygen meter GMH 3692 (1), a hand pump and an oxygen sensor with penetration needle (3).


Features (oxygen meter GMH 3692-L):

  • Double display for oxygen and temperature
  • Measured units: O2-concentration and O2-partial pressure
  • Alarm detector with integrated horn
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Min-/max-value memory, hold function
  • Serial interface, can be connected to RS232 or USB interface of a PC
  • Connectable to bus system (up to 5 devices can be connected to one PC interface)
  • Battery and d.c. operation possible
  • Operating control: 6 membran keys for ON/OFF switch, selection of measurement range, min- and max- value memory, hold-function, calibration etc.
  • Calibration:
    • 1-point-calibration: simple quick calibration in atmospheric air (press button to compensate unit to 20,9%).
    • 2-point-calibration: first point at atmospheric air (20,9%), second point freely selectable

Features (oxygen sensor GGO 369):

Technical specifications  
Measuring ranges  
Oxygen concentration: 0,0...25,0% O2 (gaseous)
Partial oxygen pressure: 0...300 hPa O2
Temperature: 0...+50,0°C
Accuracy (measuring system) at concentrations < 10%
1-point-calibration: ± 0,2% ±1 Digit
2-point-calibration: ± 0,1% ±1 Digit
Response time: t90 in < 5 sec (depending on temperature)
Operating pressure: 0,5...2,0 bar absolute
Display: two 4-digit LCDs (12,4 mm or 7 mm high)
Operating temperature: 0...+50°C
Relative humidity: 0...95% RH (non-condensing)
Storage temperatuer: -15°C...+60°C (sensor)
-20°C...+70°C (device)
Battery: 9V battery type IEC 6F22
additional d.c. connector for external 10,5-12 V direct voltage supply existing
Power consumption: approx. 1,5 mA
Housing (device): impact resistant ABS, front side IP65
Dimensions (case): approx. 394 x 294 x 106 mm
Weight: approx. 1400 g (cpl. set)
Garantee: 2 years, sensor 1 year


Residual oxygen meter GMH 3692 GOG-L, consisting of hand-held instrument GMH 3691, hand pump with air tube, oxygen sensor G0EL 380  (durability 1-2 years!)  with penetration needle, case (GKK 3500), replacement penetration needle Ø 0,9 mm, rubber foam sticker (40 pieces) 687,50 €
Measurement set GOG-SET L, without hand-held instrument, consisting of oxygen sensor GGO 369 with penetration needle, hand pump with air tube, case (GKK 3500), replacement penetration needle Ø 0,9 mm, rubber foam sticker (40 pieces) 516,20 €
Replacement sensor element (GOEL 381) (durability 1-2 years after opening) 106,90 €
Penetration needles Ø 0,9 mm, 5 pieces (GOG-N) 6,80 €
Rubber foam sticker, 40 pieces (GOG-A) 8,10 €
Device protection bag with cut-out for probe connection (ST-R1) 26,10 €
Accessories hand-held instrument GMH 3692  
Interface converter for RS232, electrical isolated (GRS 3100) 54,80 €
Interface converter for RS232, with 5 connection points for the connection of 5 GMH 3691 to one PC (GRS 3105) 116,50 €
Interface converter for USB, electrical isolated (USB 3100) 54,80 €
D.c. connector for external 10,5-12 V direct voltage supply (GNG 10/3000) 24,40 €
Case (GKK 3000) 16,80 €
Replacement battery 9V (GB 9 V) 2,00 €
Calibration bag see here  

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