Electromagnetic constant heat sealers

nach obenPolystar 260 HSG



  • constantly heated
  • suitable laminated bags (e.g. aluminium or paper)
  • digital incrmental encoder
  • adjustable temperature: +50°C...+220°C
  • adjustable sealing time
  • operated by foot pedal
  • not suitable for polyethylene bags
  • GS approved
Seal length:
max. 260 mm
Seal width:
10 mm (crimp seams)
Sealing temperature:
adjustable: 50 - 220°C
Power supply:
230 V / 50 Hz
Power input:
1,8 A
Power consumption:
approx. 0,4 kWh
295 x 325 x 165 mm
approx. 11,8 kg
Polystar 260 HSG, inl. foot pedal and 3 m connecting cable
1.908,- €

nach obenHeat sealer Lamino

The Lamino heat sealer can be operated by foot pedal, leaving both hands free for handling the product. The profiled sealing bars apply high pressure to seal different kinds of laminated bags e.g.: paper, aluminium, PP and cellophane. A brim on the seal bar ensures the correct position of the seal. As well as pedal operation, the Lamino can also run in automatic mode (timer controlled).

  • electronic temperature control: +50°C...+150°C (±1%)
  • sealing jaws pressure with electromagnets
  • foot pedal or automatic mode
  • optionally available with code seal (max. 12 letters) - to emboss a production date / expiry date or batch number
301 LM(C)
Seal length:
300 mm
Seal width:
13 mm
Film thickness:
depending on the film, to be tested
Max. temperature:
600 W
320 x 280 x 230 mm
17 kg
Lamino 301 LM, seal length 300 mm, incl. foot pedal
2312,00 €
Code sealing (incl. 3 x figures 0 - 9)
605,50 €
Adjustable bag support table
139,00 €
Letters for code sealing
10,55 €

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