Propadyn humidity control cassettes


Description and use (according to manufacturer)

Propadyn is a passive humidity controller, able to stabilize humidity levels in confined spaces, from small boxes to shipping containers, during exhibition, transport and storage.

Propadyn is the best solution to move and store goods vulnerable to humidity fluctuations, such as fruit, vegetables, chemical products, art works, coffee, tobacco and many more. Additionally, Propadyn is designed to stabilise the climatic conditions in all spaces subject to humidity level changes, such as camping tents, gyms, boats, etc..

Propadyn does not need activation and does not require electricity: it is provided ready to use and can maintain constant relative humidity levels between RH = 30% and RH = 80%.

Propadyn is a safe and biocompatible product, because each of its ingredients is natural and comes from the food sector.

Physical and chemical properties

Its capacity to stabilize humidity is represented by the value M, defined as the amount of water (in grams) that 1 kg of controller absorbs or releases when relative humidity increases or decreases by 1%. A high M value indicates high capacity of regulating humidity.

As the controller’s capacity of absorbing water varies with the level of humidity, M is calculated for each humidity range of interest. The table below shows the values of M that characterise Propadyn’s excellent performances: (Our comment: we think that M-values should be indicated for every % RH and not only for intervals of 10 % RH - this might lead to wrong conclusions...)


Dimensions and weight

Propadyn is provided, depending on the requirements, at a specific humidity level i between 30% and 80% RH, in the following dimensions:

* Weight reference RH = 45%

The boxes have a rigid polypropylene structure and a permeable fabric to allow exchange of moisture with the surrounding air.


Propadyn does not require pre-conditioning and starts working as soon as it is taken out of its protective packaging. Therefore, we recommend it to be placed in the position in which it will be used as soon as possible after being opened.

Propadyn 3400 can stabilise approximately up to 1 m of air, depending on ambient conditions and the type of use (ventilation, external climatic fluctuations, allowable tolerance, etc.).

Propadyn was designed and developed to be reusable. Once its capacity to control moisture is exhausted, through a regenerating treatment designed by Propagroup, it can be brought back to its original RH level, completely restoring its characteristics.

Technical Data


Each box of Propadyn is wrapped in a protective packaging with laminated barrier film, keeping the product’s characteristics unaltered until the time of use.

Propadyn is available in 240 x 165 x 385 mm boxes in the following quantities:


To avoid alterations of the product, the manufacturer recommends avoiding immersing Propadyn in water or water solutions, as halide solutions could be released.


Propadyn humidity control cassettes, Please note: minimum order 2 boxes!
Please indicate your desired conditioning: 45, 50 or 55 % RH (other conditionings between 30 and 80% RH possible for a supplement of 5%)
Propadyn 3400, 400 g cassette, 300 x 115 x 24 mm, for up to 1 m casevolume, 8 pieces per box (minimum order 2 boxes), price per pc.
99,00 €
Propadyn 3200, 200 g cassette, 300 x 115 x 12 mm, for up to 0,5 m casevolume, 14 pieces per box (minimum order 2 boxes), price per pc.
75,00 €
Propadyn sheets, 330 x 330 x 4 mm, containing 100g Propadyn per sheet, devisible into 9 pcs, for flat cases up to 0,2 m, 5 pcs. per box (minimum order 2 boxes), price per pc. 69,00 €

Terms of sales and delivery

Products in stock are usually sent out within one week. Nevertheless, please order as early as possible. Transport is normally by FedEx Economy (±2-3 days within Europe), carriage is charged according to weight, dimensions and number of parcels.
All prices exclude VAT. Payments can be made within 30 days by bank transfer, within 14 days with 3% discount. All prices are subject to change without prior notice according to our terms and conditions. Check our website for actual information. For PRO SORB sales to USA and Canada please contact our distributor

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