Supplies for anoxic disinfestation

Anoxic disinfestation is being more and more widely used by museums as a safe and poison free method to control insect pests. Anoxic disinfestation presents no risks for the works of art as long as climatic parameters are kept constant during treatment. Unfortunately there is little reliable scientific data about the necessary treatment time (and no data at all for temperatures below 20°C). For a long time 22 days at 0,3% O2, >20°C and 55% RH were said to be sufficient. In recent times some users claim some insects having survived these conditions, whereas at 23°C all insects have been found dead. Some researchers consider temperature being more crucial than oxygen concentration.
Until further scientific evidence we now recommend 28 days at <0,3% oxygen and >23°C and <55%RH.

We have put together all equipment you might need for anoxic disinfestations in bags, bubbles or chambers. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

  Nitrogen sources     High oxygen barrier bags and films and sealers
Oxygen measurement   Accessories
Tips & Tricks   Facilities for rent
  • Several components are also available for rent. (sealers, pressure reducers, gas humidificator, air flow indicator...) Please contact us for further details.

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