Testo 645

Excellent device with high precision probe

This instrument offers excellent accuracy and long term stability. The sensor is one of worlds best. We use it since 1999 and can recommend it without any reserve. We have checked the instrument many times with the calibration kit and never found a difference > 1% to the theoretical value - even after 10 years! 

It is much more accurate and easier to handle than psychrometers or even chilled-mirror hygrometers. Calibration every year is largely sufficient for most applications. Testo 645 is ideal for all museum applications like spot readings inside the museum and can serve as a reference for hygrothermographs and other climate measuring devices. Equipped with the stainless steel dust protection cap (see photo) it is ideal to check the conditioning of silica gel or other granular products: the probe can be stuck right into the bulk material. To measure the humidity inside stacks of paper you can use a sword shaped probe which uses the same sensor. Testo 645 uses a conventional 9V-battery.

Testo 645  with data memory. Connectable to a printer,  no. 0563 6450
 560,00 €
High precision RH/T probe, diameter: 21 mm, accuracy 1% RH (10 - 90% RH, +15 -30°C), otherwise  2% RH,  Nr. 0636 9741, please also order the cable, no. 0430 0143
  535,00 €
Stainless steel dust protection cap; no. 0554 0640
   39,00 €
Sword shaped probe for measuring inside stacks of paper; length of sword:  320 mm, thickness 6 mm, precision ±2% RF;  no. 0636 0340, please also order the cable no. 0430 0143
 upon request
Topsafe transparent protection, no. 0516 0440
37,00 €
Mains power supply for 230 V; no. 0554 0088
    upon request
Calibration kit, suitable for all probes, no. 0554 0660
 249,00 €
Suitcase, black no. 0516 0445
upon request
ISO-calibration certificate humidity, valid 1 year (necessary for ISO certification) no. 0520 0006
upon request
Cable for connection of probes to Testo 645, no. 0430 0143
    44,00 €

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