PEM2: Temperature and RH Datalogger for museums, archives and storage
Software Climate Notebook

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Developed by the Image Permanence Institute (Rochester, NY), specially for museums and archives. The main advantage of this logger is the easy download of data using a USB stick and its large memory. Risk of wrong manipulation is minimized by its pre-set configuration. Display is alternating between RH-values and temperature values.

Internal Temperature Sensor  
Measuring range: -40°C...+65°C
Accuracy: ±0,5°C
Resolution: 0,1°C
Internal Humidity Sensor  
Measuring range: 0...100% RH (non-condensing)
Sensor type: capacitance
Accuracy: ±2% (at 10%...90% RH)
±3,5% (at 0...10% Rh and 90%...100% RH)
Data logger  
Sample rate: 30 min (each 30-minute data point is an average of six readings taken at 5-minute intervals)
Memory: approx. 700 000 readings
Data retrieval: via USB flash drive (USB 1.0, 2.0) - not supplied
  • IPI Climate Notebook (optional)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • free web site for graphs, reports and data storage
Battery: 4 x AA Lithium Batteries
Battery life: > 10 years typical (according to manufactuer).
Comment Long Life for Art: In practice we have seen loggers run empty after less than 4 years since it has shown that downloading of data consumes quite a bit of energy. Unfortunately all logged data setup data disappear when batteries run empty, and to us it has been impossible to change batteries without complete loss of data. So please make sure you save the data in regular intervals.
Enclosure material: ABS
Dimensions: 73 x 95 x 38 mm
Weight: 200 g


  • Easy to handle
  • Retrieve data instantly via USB flash drive
  • No special Software required
  • Works with PC or Mac
  • View, store and report data at free web site
  • Long battery life (see our comments above)


Software IPI Climate Notebook®:

This Software is not necessary to run the PEM2 datalogger. But data from PEM -loggers and many other data logger systems can be imported into Climate Notebook® (files from Hobo, Rotronic and Dickson data loggers or EXCEL-files).

Climate Notebook® software for environmental analysis is the first comprehensive tool of its kind for organizing, tracking, analyzing and reporting on environmental data. Specific metrics have been designed that allow users to compare the preservation quality of various storage environments, and to analyze the environment in terms of each major type of deterioration—chemical, mechanical and biological. The software also includes object-specific analysis and explains how different materials are affected by environmental conditions. Data can be imported from a wide range of monitoring devices, as well as the PEM. The latest version of the software includes the DewPoint Calculator, the Stored Alive interactive program, a detailed user manual and help file, plus a downloadable workbook called Step-by-Step: Achieving a Preservation Environment for Collections.

Climate Notebook® is based on a general quantitative model of organic decay for environmental analysis called the time-weighted preservation index, or TWPI. It computes the TWPI values and displays them along with temperature and humidity. A critical comment about in how far TWPI values can be extrapolated to various materials has been written by Padfield 2004.

For further information please look at the user manual

PEM2 Temperature and RH datalogger for museums and archives
268,- €
Software IPI Climate Notebook
390,- €

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