Hollow fibre nitrogen generation unit - Mistral D


Anoxic disinfestation is an efficient and safe way to cure cultural heritage from insect pests. It involves no toxic substances nor thermal treatment and allows you to treat your objects more or less on site, with a minimum of transportation hazards. Public access to the rooms remains possible during the entire period of treatment.

Treatment time for 100% kill is between 2 weeks (25°C) and 4 weeks (20°C) at < 0.3% oxygen and 55% RH. No reliable data are available for temperatures < 20°C.

Equipment required for a bubble (approx. 1 - 50 m³) made of barrier film :

Mobile nitrogen generator for pest control - Mistral D

Mode of of operation: The objects to be treated are enclosed in a bubble made of high oxygen barrier film. The nitrogen generator unit is connected via hoses and couplings.
The Mistral D pumps compressed air (<10 bar) through a bundle of hollow fibres, separating oxygen and nitrogen. Nitrogen purity can be adjusted by varying pressure and gas flow. The nitrogen flow is humidified and released into the bubble.
The bubble is now flushed with nitrogen until its concentration reaches >99.8%. Humidity, residual oxygen and temperature are measured and recorded during the whole period of treatment. At the end the successful result can be approved by a test report.

Scope of delivery: Nitrogen generation unit - Mistral D including sensors for temperature, RH and residual oxygen; manual, hoses and couplings. Computer software is not included.

Accessories option 1 (for fabrication of barrier film tent): Accessories option 2 (data control and evaluation):

Additional accessories:
To be found on our webpage - Anoxic disinfestation.

Literature: Maekawa, Elert: The Use of Oxygen-free Environments in the Control of Museum Insect Pests, Los Angeles 2003, www.getty.edu.

Nitrogen generation unit - Mistral D
incl. manual, 10 tent couplings with valve for hose 6 mm, 100 lin.m hose (8 mm), 100 lin.m hose (12 mm),
14 100,- €
EVOH - barier film, 67µ, 400 m x 1,15 m/roll,
384,- €
Constant heat sealer hpl WSZ 300 TB
520,- €
Accessories option 1, complete (as specified above)
962,- €
Accessories option 2, complete (as specified above)
2 500,- €

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