Climate Measuring Instruments for Museums

Hygrothemographs Ketterer

see also: Dataloggers (see special page, at the moment only in German), hygrometers for showcases

Hygrothermographs Ketterer

for recording ambient temperature and relative air humidity.

Hygrothermograph with electronic clockwork, battery operated.
The case is made of white coated aluminium die casting and removable upper part with crystal-clear Macrolon panoramic hood.
Rotation of drum selectively adjustable: 1 day / 7 days / 31 days

Measuring range:

Temperature range: 0 - 40°C (optional: -20...+60 °C  or 0...+80°C, please specify)
Humidity range: 0 - 100% RH, precision: ±3% RH
Dimensions: 280 x 138 x 260 mm
Weight: 2,75 kg

incl. 1 set diagram charts (100 sheets) and 2 spare felt tips

Hygrothermograph Ketterer with synthetic fibre measuring device 6 WEEKS DELIVERY TIME
Temperature range: 0- 40°C or other range (see above).
With diagrams for 1 day / 7 days / 31 days - please specify!
570,- €
idem: with natural fibre measuring device, (0- 40°C) or other range (see above). 6 WEEKS DELIVERY TIME
With diagrams for 1 day / 7 days / 31 days - please specify!
The natural fibres need to be re-generated in short intervals, in dry climates at least 1x per month (precision ±2,5% RH, if regularly calibrated and re-generated). For long-time applications within museums, synthetic fibre measuring devices are to be prefered.
570,- €
100 diagram charts for 1 day / 7 days / 31 days - please specify! And please let us know whether it's for synthetic fibres (white) or for natural fibres (brown)
30,- €
felt tip pen, per unit
4,40 €

Terms of sales and delivery

Products on stock are usually sent out within one week. Nevertheless, please order as early as possible. Transport is normally by FedEx Economy (±2-3 days within Europe), carriage is charged according to weight, dimensions and number of parcels.
All prices are exclusive VAT. Payments can be made within 30 days by bank transfer, within 14 days with 3% discount. All prices are subject to change without prior notice according to our terms and conditions. Check our website for actual information.

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