EBCeasy - The new waterless Micro Climate Generator


Constant humidity in display cabinets without maintenance


The miniClima Constant Humidity Devices „EBC“ serve to keep the relative air humidity inside a closed case on a constant level without influencing the temperature of the conditioned air. They are used for museum showcases, switchboards, deposit cupboards, containers and similar applications. The essential requirement for efficient operation of the system is that the case should be airtight and manufactured from non-porous materials.

The latest model, the newly developed EBCeasy1, transports hydrogen ions through a special membrane, exchanging them with the environment. This method neither requires the supply of water, nor produces any waste water, which also makes the EBCeasy suitable for applications where the device would be moved, like mobile showcases.

Once set into operation, the EBC monitors the air condition inside the case and initiates the appropriate action as soon as it becomes necessary. This ensures that the actual humidity level will continuously be brought in line with the set point. All the while, the EBC continually circulates the air between case and EBC - independently from the currently required process.


The showcase must be connected to the EBC with flexible hoses and screw connectors (all part of the delivery), forming together a tight air circulation system. Also, the miniClima sensor for measuring the temperature and relative humidity must be led inside the case. We use digital sensors and deliver them ready-to-use with housing, cable and RJ45 plug.

Beware of possible interactions with volatile compounds within your show case

Since 2018 the supplier of the membrane warns of possible interactions between the membrane and certain votalile gases in within the showcase. We don`t know of any such case though. Pease find the list of harmful gases and the statement HERE.

Recommended max. volume of the case 0,5 m³
Achievable RH level: 30%...60% RH
Permissible Ambient Conditions for Operation: -5°C...30°C
Sensor Accuracy: ±2% RH
Tolerance (fluctuations around the setpoint): at 30% RH typically achievable +/-2%RH, max. +/-3%RH
at 75% RH typically achievable +/-3%RH, max. +/-5%RH
System voltage: 12VDC
Power consumption: 24 W
Max. noise emission: 37-40 dB
Weight: 5,5 kg
Dimensions device: 134 x 205 x 335 mm
Dimensions device inkl. hoses: 134 x 215 x 440 mm


for volumes up to app. 0,5 m³, incl. 1 humidity sensor with cable (2,5 m), Mains cable (1.8m, Type F, CEE 7/7) with 3-pin connector and grounded main plug, 2 m PA6-hosepipe for the interconnections between EBC and case, 2 hosepipe connectors with rubber gaskets, Built-in datalogger, miniClima Tool (Software) on CD, Detailed installation and operation guide on CD
price on request

Terms of sales and delivery

Products on stock are usually sent out within one week. Nevertheless, please order as early as possible. Transport is normally by FedEx Economy (±2-3 days within Europe), carriage is charged according to weight, dimensions and number of parcels.
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