Build Up In Principle (current Series EBC 10 and 11)

Example for the installation of an EBC master- and an EBC slave unit (both in their standard configuration) to a showcase (blue air pipes = conditioned air from the EBCs to the showcase; yellow air pipes = air flow from the showcase to the EBCs):

Slave units are only necessary, if the air volume that has to be conditioned exceeds the recommended upper limit of the used master unit (which is 3m³ for EBC 10, 5m³ for EBC 11 and 10 m³ for EBC 12).
The shown positions of the screw connections on the showcase do not represent a general solution or recommendation.
The given diameters of the boreholes for the srew connections only apply when the screw connections are going to be fixed directly on the case wall. If this is not possible (i.e. at wall thicknesses of >6 mm), flanges (like the FLANGE25/-32/-40) can be used. In this case the required diameter for the borehooles comes to Ø 42,5 mm (EBC 10), Ø 49 mm (EBC 11) and Ø 62 mm (EBC 12) respectively.

Connections and Operating Elements on the EBC

Front Handle, on-off/reset button¹, alpha-numeric display¹, status LED (power and alarm)¹, menu buttons¹, RJ45 socket for the sensor cable or the control line coming from a master set, RJ45 socket for the control line to a slave set, cage clamps for the wiring of extern signals (composites error alarm/on-off-status), RS232 interface for PC, LAN², WLAN² or MODBUS³, bottle with belt and water level sensor(s) (EBC 12: always; EBC 10 and -11: optional position A).
Left Outlet of the silicone pipe for the bottle, bottel with belt and water level sensor(s) (EBC 10 and -11: optional position B), add. inlet for the device cooling on EBC 12 units (removable grill with dust filter pad).
Backside Hose connectors (system air in/outlets), mains connection, rating plate.
Right Air inlet for the device cooling (removable grill with dust filter pad).
Top and bottom Air outlets for the device cooling.

¹ Optionally on the detached operating unit
² The add. (preconfigured) hardware required for integrating the units into your LAN or WLAN (RS232-to-IP converters) con be ordered with us.
³ By way of RS232-toRS485 converters which can also ordered with us

Terms of sales and delivery

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All prices are exclusive VAT. Payments can be made within 30 days by bank transfer, within 14 days with 3% discount. All prices are subject to change without prior notice according to our terms and conditions. Check our website for actual information.

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