Seal / shrink combination

Single arm shrink wrap sealer Wusing

The shrink wrap sealer Wusing is ideal for sealing small product quantities. The seal/cutting wire seals and cuts the shrink film in one production step.
Optionally for shrinking the film a heat gun can be used.

Max. seal length:
300 mm
Seal seam:
0,8 mm
Sealing time:
0 - 1,5 s
550 x 410 x 320 mm
12 kg
220 V
450 W
Single arm shrink wrap sealer Wusing 300I, seal length 300 mm
280,- €
54,- €

nach obenSergeant I-Sealer: shrink wrap sealer

These compact single arm shrink wrap sealers are suitable for sealing small production quantities (max. 10 / min) in shrink film. The sealers work well with all shrink films and consistently deliver superior strength seals. The 160B and 300B are equipped with a seal/cutting wire, which seals and cuts the material in one operation. The I-Sealers offer a flexible solution for small production quantities and require less space than other skrink wrap solutions.

Sergeant I-Sealer 160B
Sergeant I-Sealer 300B
Max. seal lenght:
400 mm
750 mm
Max. product size (L x W x H):
400* x 300 x 50 mm *
750* x 560 x 100 mm *
Max. reel width:
400 mm
750 mm
640 x 440 x 410 mm
1000 x 410 x 610 mm
18 kg
29 kg
230 V / 1 Ph / 50/60 Hz
350 W max.
1150 W max.
* These two dimensions cannot be reached together.
Single arm shrink wrap sealer Sergeant I-Sealer 160B, seal length 400 mm, incl. integrated support table
480,- €
Single arm shrink wrap sealert Sergeant I-Sealer 300B, seal length 750 mm, incl. integrated support table
592,- €
54,- €

nach obenSeal / shrink combination Audion Pack H 20 and H 25


Audion Pack H 20


Audion Pack H 25




These seal/shrink combinations are ideal for moderate production quantities (up to 300 packs per hour). The machines operate with a shrink hood. The hood is closed by an electronic hold-down magnet during the film sealing and heat-shrink wrapping operations. Almost any product can be shrink wrapped in this clever machine. These machines have - due to an accurate temperature control - a better seal quality and longer wire lifetime as most other similar machines in this market segment.


  • Sealing and shrinking in one operation
  • Electro-magnet closure of shrink hood
  • Automatic shrink hood opening after completion of cycle
  • Seal temperature controlled by microprocessor
  • Shrink time and temperature controlled by microprocessor
  • Multi languages LCD, parameters in text
  • Memory capacity: 6 programs
  • Possibility to adjust shrink delay
  • Possibility to adjust hood opening delay
  • Program options: seal only / seal and shrink
  • PTFE coated sealbar
  • Rack in shrink chamber adjustable in height
  • Movable work shelf, free from reel holder
  • Easy maintenance access
  • CE Certified Technical
Audion Pack H 20
Audion Pack H25
Seal frame dimensions:
440 x 300 mm
560 x 430 mm
Max. product dimensions (l x w x h):
410 x 250 x 210 mm
520 x 380 x 260 mm
Max. product weight:
10 kg
15 kg
Production capacity:
up to 300 pcs. / hour
Number of heating elements:
Max. diameter of the film reel:
Ø 300
Ø 300
Max. width of the film reel:
450 mm
600 mm
Machine dimensions (l x w x h):
1050 x 682 x 1015 mm
1240 x 815 x 1100 mm
Machine weight:
71 kg
88 kg
Shpping size machine (l x w x h):
1140 x 760 x 680 mm
1330 x 910 x 770 mm
230 V; 1 ph; 50/60 Hz
230 V; 1 ph; 50/60 Hz
1650 W
3700 W
Film type:
PVC / polyolefin / micorperforated film
Film thickness:
10 - 30 micron
Protection class:
Seal / shrink combination Audion Pack H 20
1.990,00 €
Seal / shrink combination Audion Pack H 20
2.200,00 €
Stainless steel Working table for H 20
149,50 €
Stainless steel Working table for H 25
179,40 €

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