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Silica gel Material Safety Data Sheet

Effective Date: Jan. 2006


1) Product Identification:

Product name silica gel

Product use

gas drying


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2) Composition/Information on Ingredients:

Ingredient Weight in product EC Index No EC EINECS No Classification
Amorphous silica Gel 1327-36-2 100% n.a 215-475-1      n.a

3) Hazards Identification:

Most important hazards:

Specific hazards:

Clasification according to the European Directive on classification of hazardous preparations 1999/45/EC.
Not regarded as a health or environmental hazard under current legislation.

Spheres: Material is slippery
Dust affects respiratory system, causes irritation to eyes.
Active material asorbs gases and vapours Risk of static discharges.

4) First Aid Measures:


Do not breathe dust
Wash hands before breaks and immediately after handling the product.
No hazards which require special first aid measures


Remove to fresh air. Get medical attention for any breathing difficulty.


Give several glasses of water to dilute, If large amounts were swallowed, get medical advice.

Skin Contact

Wash exposed area with soap and water. Get medical advice if irritation develops

Eye Contact

Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water: If symptoms persist, call a physician.

5) Fire Fighting Measures:

Fire Extinguishing Media

The product itself does not burn. Standard procedure for chemical fires


Not considered to be an explosion hazard

Not use

not applicable

Special Information

Product on the ground may have a slippery effect.

6) Accidental Release Measures:

Methods for cleaning up

Contain spillage. Scoop up or vacuum into a container for reclamation or disposal. Avoid dusting.

Personal precautions

Avoid dust formation. Use personal protective equipment

Environmental Precautions:

No special environmental precautions required

7) Handling and Storage:

General advice
Keep Containers dry and tightly closed to avoid moisture adsorption and contamination. Keep in a dry, cool place.

Handling and storage

Product on the ground may have a slippery effect. Avoid contact with skin and eyes

8) Exposure Controls/Personal Protection

Engineering measures Ensure adequate ventilation, especially in confined areas

Hygiene measures

Wash hands before breaksand immediately after handlingthe product

Personal Protective Equipment

Safety glasses with side-shields. Lightweight protective clothing

Respiratory Protection

Dust: Use approved respiratory protection if exposure limits are exceeded or overexposure is likely. (dust filter type P1)

Protective glovers

rubber or plastic glovers

Ventilation Local exhauset ventilation is recommended to control exposure to within applicable limits.
Ingredient Weight in Product (%) ACGIH TLV: EU Occupational Exposure Limits
Amorphous Aluminosilica Gel
100 None Established 4 mg/m³ (Inhalable fraction, General dust limit)

9) Physical and Chemical Properties


transparent bead





Boiling Point


Melting Point


Bulk density 400 -900 kg / m³
Vapor density Not applicable
Vapor pressure Not applicable
pH app.4
Flash point °C Not applicable
autoignition temperature °C Not applicable
Lower Explosive Limit % Not applicable
Upper Explosive Limit % Not applicable

10) Stability and Reactivity

Stability Data

Stable up to 823 °C. Above this temperature Amorphous Silica will transform into Crystalline Silica

Hazardous Decomposition Products

Fresh material: none anticipated
Used material: In case of fire the adsorbed gases and vapours can be set free.


Will not occur

Incompatibilitiy (Materials to Avoid)

This material is a desiccant and can absorb water or arganic liquids and vapors with some generation of heat.

Polymerisation  - Avoid

None anticipated

11) Toxicological Information

Information on Produt:
Chronic Toxicity
Avoid dust formation. Prolonged exposure may cause chronic effects
Potential Health Effects:
May result in drying of mucous membranes.May cause irritation of the respiratory tract.
Ingestion May cause stomach discomfort
Skin Contact May cause skin irritation. Drying
Eye Contact Causes eye irritation
Chronic Health Hazards

Prolonged or repeated exosure to dust may cause pulmonary problems

Information on Componenets Ingredient Weight in Product Acute Toxicity -Oral Acute Toxicity-Inhalation Acute Toxicity -Dermal Acute Toxicity -Other
Amorphous Silica Gel
100 Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available


Information on Componenets Ingredient Weight in Product IARC (See Notes) ACGIH(See Notes) EU Carcionogenicity (See Notes)
Amorphous Silica Gel
100 N3 N N

12) Ecological Information

Information on Product Environmental Fate No data available to the best of our knowledge
Mobility Not relevant. Insoluble in water
Persistence/Degradeablility No data available to the best of our knowledge
Ecotoxicological Information No data available

13) Disposal Consideration

Disposal of Waste Method In accordance with local and national regulations
Contaminated Packaging

Empty contaminated containers/packaging must be handled according to regulations as given for the hazardous properties of the contamination.
Other Information Used product may have different hazards or properties than the original product. This SDS does NOT apply to spent/used product

14) Transport Information

Not Regulated
EmS No.:
Not Regulated
ICAO Class
Not Regulated

15) Regulatory Information:

Europe: Indication of Danger Not a Dangerous Preparation under current legislation
Category of Danger None
Risk Phrases Not applicable
Safety Phrases Not applicable
Water endangering class Not water endangering according to VwVwSof 17 May 1999 (German Legislation)
Waste disposal number For fresh product 06 08 99 (European Waste disposal number)

16) Other Information

Revision number  
Sections Revised in this Version All Sections: Reissue from a new MSDS authoring system, and safety data sheet re-classified according to the European Directive on classification of hazardous preparations article 14 of Directive 1999/45/EC
Prepared By:


Christoph Waller Long Life for Art according to the European regulations 1999/45, 2001/60, 2001/58 and 2001/59 which are mandatory per 31. 7. 2002.
The information in this Safety Data Sheet should be provided to all who will use, handle, store, transport, or otherwise be exposed to this product. This information has been prepared for the guidance of plant engineering, operations, management and for persons working with or handling this product. The information presented in the SDS is premised upon proper handling and anticipated uses, and is for the material without chemical additions/alterations. We beleive this information to be reliable and up-to-date as of the date of publication, but make no warranty that it is. Additionally, if this Safety Data Sheet is more than three years old, please contact the supplier listed at the phone number listed in Section 1 to make certain that this sheet is current.
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