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nach obenUV 90NR - self-adhesive, clear UV protection film, especially for museums

UV 90NR of Haverkamp is a two-layer, clear film with a thickness of 33µm. The UV absorbers are integrated in the adhesive and in both of the PET layers. This ensures a lifetime of approx. 7 years in case of direct solar radiation. In museum applications lifetime can be even much longer. The film absorbs more than 99% of UV-A radiation and filters up to 400nm. This corresponds to requirements of international conservation literature. For the human eye the film normally appears colourless. Only in front of a white background a slight yellowish tint is perceptible.

The effectiveness of the UV film should be checked by a UV-meter at regular intervals. The removal of the film after 7 years is no problem.

Mounting instuctions see our page How to apply window film.

It is possible to use the film on fluorescent lamps. Some museums use cable clips to fix foil on fluorescent lamps. Due to the thermal insulation of the foil, the temperature of the fluorescent lamp will rise and the life time of the lamp will be reduced.

For more information (in German) about Light and Protection from Light in museums please click on the links!

Characteristcs of UV 90NR:

Radiation permeability:
Light reflection forward:
Light reflection backward:
UV permeability:
Shielding (b-factor):
Glare shield factor:
Total energy permeability (g-value):
Rejection of total solar energy:
Thickness without protection layer:
33 µ

Wavelength in nanometer

The film on the original role is 152 cm wide, which makes dispatching by parcel service more expensive (bulky goods supplement). Therefore we offer shorter sections, which we can roll up and thus more easily send out. Thus it may be worthwhile to measure the surfaces before and to order then e.g. several sections. You may order also intermediate sizes (e.g. 3 pieces à 152 x 70 cm), the price change accordingly. For larger quantities, also sections, we gladly provide you an offer.
We also pre-cut film to your sizes, for a small supplement. Please ask for our quote.

UV 90NR - self-adhesive, clear UV protection film
152 x 60 cm
28,20 €
152 x 80 cm
35,20 €
152 x 100 cm
40,00 €
152 x 120 cm
45,60 €
3 lin.m, width 152 cm,
102,00 €
10 lin.m, width 152 cm,
270,00 €
30,4 lin.m, width 152 cm,
650,00 €

nach obenMounting description

Please follow instructions on our page "How to apply window film

nach obenMounting aids

5-way tool
For an accurate cutting of the film.

5-way tool
6,- €

Pro rubber squeegee
To clean larger panes.

Pro rubber squeegee (23 cm)
9,- €
Replacement rubber (70 cm)
14,70 €

Heavy duty squeegee

Heavy duty squeegee (15 cm)
32,80 €
Heavy duty replacement squeegee (15 cm)
12,40 €
Heavy duty squeegee (20 cm)
34,60 €
Heavy duty replacement squeegee (20 cm)
16,50 €

nach oben

White teflon-coated squeegee
Strong squeegee with low frictional restistance.

White teflon-coated squeegee
2,50 €

Plastic wiper, large

Plastic wiper, large
2,00 €

Pro wiper bar
Used in combination with Pro wiper handle. Perfect for the final clean-up.

Pro wiper bar (30 cm)
6,00 €
Pro wiper bar (25 cm)
5,00 €

nach oben 

Pro wiper handle
For Pro wiper bar.

Pro wiper handle
11,- €

Stronger than the plastic wiper. Appropriate to treat the edges or problematic spots. Please wrap it always with a tissue or a piece of cloth.

1,50 €

Glass smoothing plane
For the primary cleaning of the pane.

Glass smoothing plane
3,50 €
Blades for glass smoothing plane (100 pcs.)
20,50 €

nach oben

Olfa cutter
With this knife you can cut the film. The stainless steel blade avoids the risk of scratches on the glass. Please cut always with a sharp cutting edge.

Olfa Cutter
6,50 €
Blades for Olfa cutter (10 pcs.)
6,00 €

Film-On concentrate
Film-On is the factory recommended application solution concentrate for flat-glas films with pressure sensitive (PS) adhesive, sputtered bronze films and silver-based films. Its neutral pH level formulation, togehter with the proper solution mixture will reduce the incidence of soap residue absorption into the film adhesive during the dying stage. Do not use dish washing detergents for window film installation.

Instructions for use:

Prepare dilution with 3 ml Film-on (approx. 0,6 tea spoon) with 1l of water. Use of up to twice the recommended amount of Film-on may be necessary for high temperature or low-humidity conditions. Solution over 48 h old should be discarded.
(Do not use on delicate surfaces. Keep out of reach of children.)

Film-On concentrate 100 ml
5,00 €
Film-On concentrate 1 l
20,00 €
Pump sprayer 1,5 l
32,00 €

nach oben

Glass scraper
To clean the panes. To avoid scratches on the pane please make sure that the blade has no cracks. Replace cracked blades.

Glass scaper, short handle
12,50 €
Blade for glass scraper (10 pcs.)
6,00 €

Terms of sales and delivery

Products on stock are usually sent out within one week. Nevertheless, please order as early as possible. Transport is normally by FedEx Economy (±2-3 days within Europe), carriage is charged according to weight, dimensions and number of parcels.
All prices are exclusive VAT. Payments can be made within 30 days by bank transfer, within 14 days with 3% discount. All prices are subject to change without prior notice according to our terms and conditions. Check our website for actual information.

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