UV-Protection film- How To Apply Window Film

Thoroughly, clean the window surface on which you be applying the film. Scrape the surface using a razor blade scraper to remove any particles attached to the glass. Pay special attention to the corners and the edges. Turn off any equipment that may blow dust and dirt into the air near the window surface. Re-wet the window and squeegee dry . . . DO NOT USE ANY CLOTH, PAPER towels to dry the window as these will leave lint. Ideal installation temperature is between 5° C and 35°C. Solar films are designed to be applied to the interior of windows only and some films may not be suitable for application on double pain windows. Please confirm all application conditions prior to installation.

Step 1

Start by measuring the window and cutting the film roughly to size by placing the film on a clean smooth surface and use a straight edge and a sharp single sided razor knife. Cut the film at least 2 - 3 cm larger than the window on all sides to allow for trimming. It is a good idea to measure twice to confirm measurements before cutting any film.
Step 2

Wet the window thoroughly using the spray bottle containing a solution of liquid soap and water (¼ tsp soap to 32 oz water, or 3 ml to 1 l water) Apply this solution generously as it will act as a lubricant during the application process. If the surface dries before application of the film begins re-wet to ensure a smooth application.
Step 3

The back of your UV Protective Film has a protective film over the dry adhesive. This film is clear and therefore difficult to see, however it is there. Apply a piece of scotch tape to each side of the film on one corner. . . press the tape together partially together then pull apart to separate the backing and film. Spray the wetting agent onto the back surface of the film as the backing is removed. A second pair of hands is essential for this step.
Step 4

Place the wet surface on the clean, wet, window... line up one of the factory edges with either the top or the side of the glass pane. Be sure to handle the film carefully to avoid wrinkles and creases. Don't worry about the water or the air bubbles as they will be smoothed away during the squeegeeing process... creases in the film can not be removed so easy does it!
Step 5

With the window film in place on the window, spray the entire surface with the wetting solution to ensure adequate lubrication during the squeegeeing process. Start squeegeeing about 5 cm below the top edge of the glass pane and work toward either side. Work from top to bottom using short firm strokes with enough pressure to move all of the water and air bubbles toward the edges and bottom. However, don't squeegee the edges or the bottom until you have first trimmed them. Once trimmed you can squeegee these areas to remove any remaining water or air bubbles.
Step 6

Use a single edge razor and a straight edge to trim the film about 1-2 mm away from the window gasket or glazing. This is because the adhesive will only stick to the glass surface and also allow for better evacuation of the wetting agent being squeegeed from under the film. Now re-wet the entire surface of the film and re-squeegee the window applying pressure and paying special attention to edges and remove all remaining air bubbles and moisture. Use a soft absorbent towel or cloth to dry the edges of the film as moisture is pressed out.
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